i haven’t posted any of my favorite things since i stopped regularly blogging, so here we are! a nice little list of the things i’ve been obsessing over lately.

bethel album 1bethel album 2

first i’ll do music, and i am a little bias, but this is the best album to come out of bethel. it’s only out for pre-order now, but it will rock your world. it’s been the anthem of my time here in redding, and it features all the bethel artists in such unique, personal, tangible ways. the songs will lead you into radical encounters with the father and it will not disappoint! currently obsessing over have it all, jesus culture’s let it echo, and elevation worship’s here as in heaven.

my favorite favorite favorite book always is keep your love on by danny silk. we got it in our first semester, and i swear i read it every month. it is one that will remain in my favorites forever.

my go to fav meal lately has been sweet potato chili. my fav way to make it is with some tomatoes and chicken broth (let em simmer for a while), ground turkey, sweet potatoes, black beans, red bell peppers, and basically any other vegetables i have around. chili is the easiest, most filling meal and it’s super easy to use all those cans of diced tomatoes and beans you have lying around. (i stole the stock pic because i don’t take pictures of my food. also if you put sour cream on your chili you’re a heathen) i’ve also been making tons of iced honey lattes. the basic recipe is just strongly brewed coffee or espresso, honey, and milk/half and half/nut milk. when lavender is in season you can add it like in this recipe. girl scout cookie season is ALWAYS a fav. i’ve already eaten a whole box of samoas. no ragrets.

tv tv tv. my favorite new series are superstore (america ferrera does it again), angie tribeca (all i want is to be rashida jones), and you me and the apocalypse (jenna fischer from the office and rob lowe & megan mullaly from parks and rec. it’s so good). yall i was also obsessed with fringe for a bit. i used to watch it when i was younger, so rewatching it was all i did for two weeks straight. cheyenne’s recent tv fav is breaking bad, a show i’ve never seen but she says it’s good!

that’s all for now. lil california update for ya: the weather outside looks like wyoming when we have tornado warnings, but california doesn’t get those, so it’s just some funky weather. ca is a dream. “so blessed. so moved. so grateful. can’t believe this is my life.” same biebs, same.

ps NOT a fav, the newest greys anatomy episode???????? shonda why you gotta do me like that. japril for life.